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How does my personal injury lawyer get paid?

For most personal injury cases, Odama Law, PLLC charges a 33% contingency fee. If the case is litigated and goes through a trial, the contingency fee is 40% based upon the increased amount of work and time that Odama Law, PLLC would solely devote to your case.

A contingency fee means that the attorney does not get paid unless there is a recovery on your case. This means that attorney fees are contingent upon what you recover. For example, if your case settles for $100,000, with a 33% contingency fee, attorney fees would be $33,000. This would be reflective of the lawyer’s time and effort expended on your case. Contingency fees reflect the degree of risk, time, and expenses involved in handling your case. By working on a contingency basis, the lawyer has incentive to work diligently on your case and to move the case forward as efficiently as possible.