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Domestic Violence (DV) Offenses

Crimes of domestic violence are very serious and can have a devastating effect on the accused. If police respond to a 911 call, one person will probably be arrested and a no contact order will subsequently be imposed separating the parties. Once a police report is written, it is forwarded to the prosecutor’s office where the prosecutor determines whether charges will be filed. Once charges are filed, the alleged victim has no say in whether the case goes forward or not. This is especially unfortunate when DV allegations often stem from heated arguments where those involved are angry and can over exaggerate or make false accusations.

Typical DV crimes are:

  • Assault
  • Harassment
  • Interfering with a 911 Call
  • Malicious Mischief
  • Property Destruction
  • Stalking
  • Violation of a DV Protection Order

A crime is considered domestic violence if the complaining witness is related to the suspect. Such relationship can be based on a current or past romantic relationship, common residences, or any blood or marriage tie.  DV charges are serious allegations that can have a devastating impact on the accused.

Fighting a DV charge can be complicated and you do not want to risk your reputation or your relationships on an inexperienced attorney.  Prosecutors take DV charges extremely seriously and are often very zealous in their prosecution of such charges. If convicted, you will likely face up to 5 years of probation for a misdemeanor conviction.  During this time, typical conditions of probation include no law violations, Domestic Violence Treatment, abiding by a No Contact Order, etc.  You will also be ordered to forfeit all weapons and possess no firearms.  This condition could lead to termination of employment especially if you are in the military or a law enforcement officer.  If you are on a suspended sentence, and a probation violation is found, the judge can impose the remaining maximum jail time.

Don’t let an inexperienced attorney represent you on a DV charge.  Ms. Odama has successfully defended and tried over 400 DV related misdemeanor and felony charges.  She understands the complexities of a DV charge and knows that along with criminal consequences, there are countless civil consequences such as loss of gun rights, loss of employment, travel restrictions, arduous probationary conditions, etc.