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Robbery is a very serious charge that requires a zealous, aggressive defense. Robbery is considered a “strike” offense and carries a maximum term of life in prison. It is imperative that you hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney who has experience defending Robbery charges.  Ms. Odama is an experienced attorney who has successfully defended several Robbery charges.  In 2013, Ms. Odama defended a juvenile charged with Robbery in the Second Degree and successfully negotiated a DISMISSAL for her client.

In its simplest terms, Robbery is basically Theft + Violence (or threat of Violence).  RCW 9A.56.190 defines Robbery as the unlawful taking of personal property from the person of another or in his presence against his will by the use or threatened use of immediate force, violence, or fear of injury to that person or his property or the person or property of anyone.

Robbery in the First Degree is a Class A felony and is in the same category as Murder in the First Degree.  Robbery First Degree applies if there is a deadly weapon involved, inflicts bodily injury, or robs any financial institution with or without a deadly weapon.  See RCW 9A.56.200.  Even with no criminal history, if convicted of Robbery First Degree, your standard range is 31 – 41 months in prison. If you have prior criminal history, you could be facing up to 171 months in prison – or life in prison if this is your third strike offense.

Robbery in the Second Degree is a Class B felony.  Similar to Robbery First Degree, Robbery Second Degree is also a strike offense.  Penalties for a first offense can range from 3 to 9 months in jail.  If you have prior criminal history, you could be facing a prison term up to 84 months or life in prison if you are convicted and this is your third strike offense.   Robbery Second Degree applies if a person commits a robbery and no weapons are involved.  This means no weapons or injury – just threats.

Weapon Enhancements:  If charged with Robbery, it can be typical for the prosecutor to add a “weapons enhancement.”  For Robbery Second Degree, a deadly weapon enhancement brings an additional sentence of 12 months; a firearm enhancement carries an additional 36 month sentence.  However, if there is a deadly weapon involved with a crime, the State will typically just file the charge as a Robbery First Degree as opposed to a Robbery Second Degree with a weapon enhancement.

Ms. Odama has extensive experience defending Robbery cases.  She knows that the prosecutor can charge someone with Robbery in the most unlikely circumstances.  For example, Ms. Odama defended a juvenile charged with Robbery Second Degree when his friends used threats and force to steal shoes from another person.  Although he was not the principle actor in the crime, the State charged Ms. Odama’s client as an accomplice to Robbery simply because he was there and did not do anything to stop the crime.  Ultimately, the client was found NOT GUILTY after a trial.  In another case, Ms. Odama’s client was charged with Robbery for shoplifting food from a grocery store and then shoving a store employee in an effort to flee.  Ms. Odama ultimately was able to negotiate the case from a Robbery down to a misdemeanor theft and a misdemeanor assault.

If charged with Robbery, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to try the case to a jury and/or successfully negotiate your case with the prosecutor.  Call Ms. Odama for a free consultation.